The SuperNova Podcast Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the incomparable Lena Ski on her show, The SuperNova Podcast. Lena is a a Marketing Coach who helps purpose centered Entrepreneurs take bold and courageous steps to create their stories, share them with the world and live their brands. Lena invited me to be on her show because she's keenly aware of the value Artists can bring to the entrepreneurial world. At the core of artistry is imagination, authenticity and courage. Three elements that, in the business world, are often systematized out in the pursuit of, what is ironically termed, best practices. For any Entrepreneur to succeed the ability to be reflexive, original and boldly move beyond the box is key. Performing Artists live and breathe these qualities. More and more business, education and technology professionals are seeking out Performing and Creative Artists as consultants and more, to gain the highly valued, competitive edge that authentic connection brings to a brand and the freedom and joy that accompanies working in the flow. You can listen to the entire interview here: