If you dream of working in voiceovers, here’s your chance.

Do you have a unique voice? Are your friends always laughing at your killer imitations and spot-on accents? Would you love to break into acting but don’t want to be on camera? When you listen to voices on the radio, commercials, audio books and video games do you think, I could do that? You can.


if you can bring copy and characters to life with vocal authenticity, you can book those roles for voiceover work.

Of course, you have to have talent and know what to do with copy breakdown, vocal adjustments and demo marketing. So, bring me your talent and I’ll teach you what to do, how to do it and who’ll pay you to do it for them.

Breaking into voiceovers doesn’t have to take years, endless courses of dated technique or audio engineering experience. Actors who know how to instantly bring personality to commercials, cartoon and video game characters, are the people who consistently book voiceover work. I’ll show you how to do all that, create a memorable demo and explain the technology in an understandable way, so you can be heard in the world of voiceovers.

Together we will:

  • Make personalized copy selections for your most castable voice types for use on your demo.

  • Learn how to expertly break down and connect with copy for commercials, narration, cartoons, bumpers and video game characters so you can nail every reading.

  • Master breathing modulation techniques for clean microphone delivery.

  • Develop the range, clarity, strength and flexibility of your voice and speech.

  • Perfect your character voices and accents.

  • Familiarize you with voiceover terminology, equipment and studio protocol.

  • Review marketing, demos, booking work and finding a voiceover agent.

You will love

  • Recording work at every session that you can take home to review.

  • Knowing how to analyze copy so you make quick, creative choices.

  • Understanding how to deliver tag lines and bumpers.

  • Having the ability to make fast adjustments and take direction.

  • Working with actual professional commercial, narration and video game scripts that reflect current advertising and narration styles.

  • Putting your new, professional voiceover career plan into action.

  • Being coached by a voiceover professional with a wealth of knowledge and years of voice acting experience to give you.

One Hour Private Coaching Session
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The Big Book of Voiceover Copy


When Voice Actors need to practice their craft or are ready to record a demo reel and seek professional representation, there are few sources of fresh, professional voiceover scripts available to use as material. Until now.                                                                                      

The Big Book of Voiceover Copy is filled with over 500 individual voiceover scripts (called copy) covering a wide range of styles: television and radio commercials, bumpers, show teasers, industrial copy, long form narration, on-hold messaging, character and accented spots and public service announcements. Sections covering how to choose the best pieces of copy for individual voice types, how to package voiceover demos for agents, casting directors, advertising agencies and audiobook producers plus insider tips to make the recording process smoother are also included.

Also available is a sound library of short track background music and sound effects composed recorded specifically for the copy in this book. All the music is original, having been commissioned by IndependentActor and created by professional musicians who compose for advertising agencies and production houses. These background tracks will enhance your work rather than overwhelm and distract. The downloadable library of background music and sound effects has 114 tracks you can use to give your demo reel professional polish. 

Buy the package and have exactly what you need to create a truly professional demo that will get your talent noticed.                                                               

What you get: 

  • The Big Book of Voiceover Copy is a .pdf download containing industry-savvy guidance on creating a professional voiceover demo reel and over 500 individual pieces of actual, professional voiceover copy (scripts) in a variety of genres, styles and lengths.

  • The downloadable sound library of background music and sound effects has 114 different tracks that you can use to give your demo reel professional polish.

You will love:

  • Having copy and material that agents and casting directors will know is professional and raises the quality of your demo reel.

  • The smart, current and easy-to-follow guidance for creating and submitting a professional reel that gets your talent noticed.

The Big Book of Voiceover Copy
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The Voiceover Sound + Copy Package
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