my method to owning a role will raise the quality of your acting AND audition technique so you stand out from the competition.


Every session is totally devoted to advancing your ACTING work and Career goals.

If you want to get the attention of top agents and casting directors and book career-building roles, you must present yourself in an authentic, castable light while taking your acting to its most polished and vibrant performance level.

My Castable Types® approach to acting showcases your unique personality and physical energy, making it instantly recognizable to the industry. Using the Complete Thought Approach, you’ll learn how to personally connect to any script, make inspired creative choices, find perfect pacing while bringing nuance and depth to your performance.

Together we will:

  • Develop your Castable Types® with insightfully chosen, fully directed audition monologues

  • Strengthen your mastery of acting and audition technique for stage, film, television and commercial work.

  • Increase your physical and sensorial involvement in characters and circumstances for more nuanced behavior and reaction.

  • Raise the energy, emotional honesty, contextual depth and resonance of your acting to a professional performance level.

  • Master script analysis, context and the art of building richly textured characters.

You will love:

  • Knowing how to present your talent as highly castable and ready to book bigger roles.

  • Owning a reliable acting technique you can use with ease and confidence.

  • Organically developing your talent for more memorable, distinctive performances.

  • Understanding the text, subtext and recognizing character subtleties of any script.

  • The progress you can make with industry-savvy, in-depth training from an expert coach.

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