In Your Castable Types, I share my transformational acting technique and cutting edge career development program, relied on by busy working actors on Broadway, television, films and commercials.

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“I want to thank you for your excellent book…it really clarified and pointed me in the right direction”


This book is an indispensable guide for performers at any career stage. Developed from years of professional experience and proven successful by my hundreds of clients, Your Castable Types® answers the questions and solves the dilemmas confronting actors that never get addressed by college or studio programs, namely, how to launch and sustain a meaningful acting career in today’s competitive and fast moving industry.

Using my signature method, The Complete Thought Approach and creating an integrated career plan of action, you will learn how to energize and focus your talent with proven acting, audition and marketing techniques that will take your work to the professional and nuanced Performance Level required by agents and casting directors.

Your Castable Types
By Cynthia White

Industry Praise for Your Castable Types

“Take it from someone who’s been in the trenches: this is strategy, a guide to institute a campaign to be relentlessly vulnerable and business-like at the same time. To contact one’s inner essence and package it, is the goal of this book. You will learn how to synthesize show business and sensitivity with Your Castable Types. The reality of this industry requires innovative and imaginative individuals like Cynthia White.” - Dr. Larry Myers, Artistic Director RWM Playwrights Lab, Co-Creator of The Dramatic Workshop with Dr. Maria Piscator and Professor, St. John’s University

“I was mentored by some of the great figures in show business so I know how important wise creative and career guidance is to an actor. I admire the honesty of Your Castable Types which gives the facts to actors who are truly serious in pursuing that uphill battle known as Acting.” - Roz Clancy, Roz Clancy Casting and Productions

“I always look forward to scouting talent that has been trained by Cynthia White. Her students create work that is as intimate and alive as it gets. I never miss her showcases and actors should not miss the chance to read this book and learn what scouts are really looking for.”” - Chanel Kong, Director of Scouting, NTA Talent Agency

Reader Praise for Your Castable Types


Your Castable Types has been added to the Performing Arts collections OF The Library of congress and Fifty college and university libraries:

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