Present your talent to the industry like an experienced professional.

You know this is a business but it’s also your passion. Learn how to bring the two together in a way that gives your marketing materials direction and your career momentum. It’s time to get it right and present your talent to the industry like a pro. Scroll down this page to see how you can finally have next-level resumes, headshots, comp cards, and industry showcase opportunities that work for you.


The Castable Types Resume Guidebook


“your fresh approach to my resume has been a game changer.”


Resumes are often the first impression you make as an actor, your initial audition. What does your resume say about you? Does it identify your Castable Types®, market your talent as well as your accomplishments? Does it have design elements that catch the eye? Is the layout professional, following the industry standard? Will casting directors and agents hang on to your resume or toss it away? No matter what your level of experience is or how many credits you have, you can create a distinctive, professional resume with my help.

I offer an easy, affordable option for you to create a resume that speaks for you and gets the attention of agents and casting directors. It’s my Castable Types® Resume Guidebook that you can download right now and have the step-by-step instructions you need for making a credible, eye-catching resume at home.

What you get:

  • A downloadable .pdf guide with step by step instructions, visual examples and clear, concise explanations for creating a great Castable Types® resume at home.

You will love:

  • Knowing how to create a modern, professional, acting resume that fits any budget, in no time flat.


The Castable Types Headshot Package


“every casting office that sees my new headshots loves them. I can’t thank you enough. it’s made such a big difference for me”


Headshots are your most important marketing tool. They speak for you before you ever read a line or even say hello. They’re the visual representation of your talent left in an agent or casting directors hand. What does your headshot say about you? Does it radiate your talent and unique Castable Types®?

I offer a truly special headshot package, guaranteed to capture your Castable Types® so your talent gets the attention it deserves from agents and casting directors. 

Most photographers place every actor into the same set of predictable poses, stereotyped by gender and age, with results that show off their skills instead of yours.

A CASTABLE TYPES PHOTO shoot is VERY different.

I take an actor-focused approach, considering each client individually and treating every shoot like a new production. Your experience starts at an in-depth consultation where we’ll discuss how I will define and shoot your Castable Types® as your photographer and on-set acting coach. I’ll walk you through professional techniques that will bring these to life physically and emotionally. You’ll take home a detailed plan for preparing your look and energy plus the security of knowing you will have an on-set acting coach to keep you on point and a skilled photographer who will capture your talent on camera with originality and style.

Be amazed by the difference in quality, variety and impact your headshots will have when taken by a professional who knows your work, understands your physical life and has refined your look and image. You can have a fun, relaxed photo shoot with great results. Two hour shoot time, 40 to 50 high resolution digital color images on disc or cloud transfer.  Please note that styling is not included. I will happily connect you with phenomenal and affordable stylists (whom you will pay separately) or you can bring one of your own choosing.



The Castable Types Headshot & Comp Card Package

Casting Directors need believable Real People of all ages, shapes and sizes to appear in print and on-camera advertising. Submitting a single headshot locks you in to one look and type, limiting your chances of booking a breakthrough job in commercials.

Actors Comp Cards are highly effective tools for increasing the odds of booking commercial work and making a powerful impression with agents and managers. Comp Cards give you a visual way to showcase your range of Castable Types® in a 5 x 8 inch format. 

If you’re seeking commercial representation, breaking into the industry, transitioning to a new age range or looking for an easy way to rev up your acting career, Comp Cards will help you achieve that goal. Open your acting career up to more markets, more ways to earn income and greater visibility. Picture yourself booking!

My Headshot/Comp Card package provides you with something special: an experienced, supportive on-set coach and photographer, guiding you through the crucial preparation process and the actual shoot. As with my standard headshot package, the process starts with an in-depth consultation using the Castable Types® approach to define your individual talent, range of looks, physical and emotional life for the target markets you want to pursue. 

Three hour shoot time, unlimited looks/clothing changes, 50 to 75 high resolution digital color images in a zip or cloud transfer. Please note that styling is not included. I will happily connect you with phenomenal and affordable stylists (whom you will pay separately) or you can bring one of your own choosing.

Headshots & Comp Card Package....$877                                                                                                      

A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve shoot date with the balance due prior to shoot.

Photo Shoot Deposit
from 150.00
Shoot Type:
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Industry Showcases


“One of the best showcases i’ve attended. i’m impressed.”


There’s no substitute for getting your talent in front of the industry.  If they don’t know you’re ready and available to work, you’ll never get the call that starts your career.

I carefully choose a different panel of top agents, casting directors, managers, producers and art directors, actively seeking talent, for my showcases. You will never waste time or spend money meeting people who are only there to collect a check.

Get your work in front of industry decision makers for commercial, television, film, legit, voiceover and print work.  Perform your best monologue, scene or song, receive individual  feedback on your work and answers to your questions about the business during a post performance question and answer session.

Make the connections you need to get to work in an environment that showcases you and your talent the right way.

Together we will:

  • Choose the best material for you to perform and show off your most Castable Types®.

  • Get your monologue or song fully directed and ready to impress at two full rehearsals.  

  • Outline strategies to make the most out of your new industry contacts.

You will love:    

  • Performing work you’ve chosen and fully prepared in a relaxed, professional environment.

  • Meeting industry professionals who are actually interested in meeting you.

  • Getting unbiased feedback on your performance from an industry insider point of view. 

You should know:

  • A referral or interview is required for actors not currently coaching with IndependentActor.

  • A referral or audition is required for singers: prepare 16 bars of a musical theatre song to be sung a cappella.

  • Actors must have headshots and resumes available for guests in order to participate.