The Commercial, Print & Voiceover Weekend Bootcamp


Getting into commercials and voiceovers can be the start of something big. The demand today is for Real People of every shape, age, look and size to cast in on-camera commercials, voiceovers, promos, industrials, internet and print ads. Searches are nationwide to find fresh, interesting, authentic faces for a vast array of projects for high profile companies. 

If you’ve ever dreamed of being in commercials, hearing your voice on the radio or seeing yourself in print, you have more opportunities to break into the business than ever before and I will teach you how to do it.

My Commercial, Print & Voiceover Weekend Bootcamp is an accelerated entry into the acting business.  This total immersion program provides the tools, knowledge and connections you need to succeed in commercials and print. Many of the the busiest people working in commercials and voiceovers learned how to break into and succeed in this market with my help.  Now you can, too.  

In one weekend you will learn:                                                                                              

  • How you can have fun and make money working in commercials, print and voiceovers.
  • Where the biggest opportunities are for you in the commercial, print and voiceover market.
  • How commercials, print ads and voiceovers are created, cast and produced.
  • The skills to audition successfully for commercials, print and featured background work.
  • How to create and use the marketing tools you need to work in this business.
  • To be relaxed and at your best on-camera and in front of the microphone.
  • How to get major commercial, print and voiceover jobs if you live outside of the New York City and Los Angeles markets.

How it works:

  • In this weekend long bootcamp you’ll get expert knowledge, insight, practical training and personal advice from top industry coaches, casting directors and talent agents, including:
  • Learn how to audition for on-camera and voiceover jobs in a series of interactive workshops.
  • Participate in simulated auditions, shoots and recording sessions.
  • Review playback of your work with expert coaches to accelerate progress and understand how to make directorial adjustments.
  • Hands-on sessions to create the marketing materials you need as a commercial and voiceover actor.
  • Meet and read for casting directors, talent agents, art directors and personal managers.
  • Professional advice on how to maximize your Real People look and type so you book jobs.  

Who should attend:

  • Anyone interested in being in commercials, voiceovers, print ads, television and film: most successful Real People commercial actors come from other career fields and have little or no experience or prior training. 
  • Aspiring actors with training and experience, who want to book more work with higher visibility and pay to advance their stage and film careers.
  • People who make great teams such as mothers and daughters, siblings, grandparents, best friends, coworkers and couples of every type. 
  • Individuals with authentic or interesting looks like suburban moms and dads, plus sized people, tattooed people, gym rats, club kids, couch potatoes, trophy wives, geeks, non-conformists and sassy seniors.
  • Unique folks with a special spin on life and interesting stories to tell. 

At the completion of the Weekend Bootcamp, you'll have:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the current commercial and voiceover market from casting to shooting.
  • The know-how to find commercial, print, voiceover, testimonial and background work in television and films through agents, casting directors and on your own. 
  • Experience in front of the camera and on the microphone plus the skills to audition with ease and confidence in both settings.
  • A complete list of the tools and marketing materials needed by commercial and voiceover actors plus your own resume template and on-camera and voiceover reel. 
  • Face to face introductions to casting directors, managers and agents who have watched you perform live and on camera, given you professional feedback and can hire you for commercial, print, background, testimonial and voiceover jobs.  
  • Continuing guidance, training and support from the expert coaches you’ve worked with throughout the weekend bootcamp.
  • New friends, new career opportunities and exciting, new ways to make money.