Scene Study for Young Actors


To work at the professional level, young actors must develop and apply their emotional connectivity through proven acting technique, on-camera and audition skills. Classes consisting of theatre games and unstructured improvisation exercises, using poorly written scenes, will never move your son or daughter closer to achieving that acting dream.

I’ve worked with hundreds of kids over the years, successfully teaching the technical skills, developing the focused creativity and individual, artistic expression necessary to succeed in theatrical, commercial, film and television roles.

In my Scene Study Workshop, young actors learn the craft of acting, an understanding of the artistic process and the ability to perform at a professional level.

Over the course of the workshop, each actor will take several scenes from page to performance, acquiring a practical understanding of the collaborative process of acting in a fun and challenging environment.

Together we will:    

  • Work with carefully chosen, professionally scripted scenes that engage and challenge young actors. 
  • Develop and apply emotional connectivity and individual artistry in scene work and building a character.
  • Learn techniques to determine pace and maintain throughline in dialogue and non-linear shoots.
  • Master a range of on-camera skills including blocking, business,cutaways, hitting the mark, integrated movement and expression in simulated studio shoots. 
  • Take each scene to a fully blocked, performance level for a practical understanding of what constitutes finished work. 

Young Actor’s will love:

  • Being immersed in the art and craft of acting with others who share the same interest and enthusiasm.
  • Acquiring a set of solid foundation skills to rely on and use at professional auditions and shoots.
  • Knowing how to balance the creative and technical aspects of acting for the camera.
  • Having a framework for exploring and using creative expression and personal artistry.
  • Working toward professional, finished work that can be watched by an audience and gives a sense of accomplishment.
Class (10 weekly sessions)
from 587.00
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