Monologue Masterclass


When a monologue is performed successfully, an actor is fully immersed in the life of the character, holding a connection with the audience that transcends words. Mastery of monologues is mastery of the craft of acting.

Every actor must have a library of monologues ready for use at auditions and agency interviews. If you need fresh, fully realized, Castable Types® monologues or if you’ve always wanted to write your own, this is the class for you.

Together we will:

  • Choose monologues that perfectly realize and market your Castable Types®.
  • Apply the Complete Thought Approach to finding the emotional arc, pace and nuance of a character and script.
  • Develop the physical presence to bring your character to life that works on stage, in front of the camera or in an agency office.
  • Fully direct your monologues to a professional performance level.
  • Learn how to painlessly write a monologue worthy of performance for your own use or as part of a future project.

You will love:

  • Having current monologues perfectly suited to your Castable Types® ready to use at every opportunity.
  • Significantly improving the quality of your acting, stage presence and ability to connect to audiences.
  • Mastering a reliable, intuitive technique for understanding text, subtext and throughline.
  • The confidence that comes from having professionally directed, fully rehearsed monologues.
  • Learning to write your own monologues so you always have unique material available and another outlet for your creativity with the option to publish your work.
Class (10 weekly sessions)
from 587.00
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