Media Coaching for Experts 


The definition of media has changed and the opportunities for exposure have grown exponentially: have your presentation and on-air skills kept up?

I will teach you proven techniques to take your new and traditional media appearances to a more memorable level, perfectly positioning you as an on-air host, expert guest or new media personality. My customized private coaching sessions have helped some of the best-known hosts, pundits, authors, video stars and opinion makers achieve a combination of energy and ease that lets their message sparkle with personality and presence.

Each 90 minute coaching session is tailored to meet your personal needs using a range of techniques to enhance your strengths and develop the skills required to succeed in your media appearances. Whether you’re giving an important speech, creating a web series or doing on-air interviews and info segments, there’s no substitute for the cutting edge expertise and preparation I provide.

Together we will:

  • Define, develop and polish your personal brand and marketing strategies. 
  • Evaluate your on-camera, speech and physical life for strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learn voice modulation and body language skills for live and televised appearances.
  • Run customized interview and interactive dialogue simulations.
  • Drill on-camera skills with instant review and critique for accelerated progress. 
  • Practice relaxation and breathing techniques so we see you not your nerves.
  • Create perfect sound bites and techniques for asking and answering questions effectively.
  • Master the art of the ad lib so you can get and hold audience attention.

You will love

  • Turning your personality and style into signature assets and effective selling points.
  • Building a social media audience of fans you can leverage across many platforms.
  • Conveying authenticity, competence and energy in any media setting.
  • Having clearer, crisper speech and diction.
  • Knowing the secrets top personalities use to connect with the camera, microphone and live audiences.
  • Feeling relaxed, on point and confident at live appearances and on-camera.
  • How your improved media skills will bring more work and publicity opportunities.
  • The tremendous progress you can make when the focus is totally on you and your goals.
Private Media Coaching Session (90 Minutes)
Lets Do This!
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