Filthy Dirty Shakespeare

Filthy Dirty Shakespeare

Embrace the vulgar, racy and barbed that makes Shakespeare so captivating. Immerse your talent in the arrows of moral decay, greed and power he aimed at the court. Saturate your acting soul in the bawdy, lustful, headstrong fools that made the groundlings roar.

These great plays, which run the gamut from epic, political intrigue to heartrending tragedy and farcical comedy, are always in production and offer amazing opportunities to the right actors. Actors able to fill the roles with the life and energy Shakespeare intended and that still resonates with audiences around the world today.

Challenge your talent by taking your textual knowledge and acting skills to new levels of depth and creativity that can only be accomplished through an earthy mastery of the classic works of the western world’s greatest playwright.

Together we will:

  • Learn a text analysis approach which demystifies the words, intention, rhythm and imagery of the playwright giving you clarity and confidence in auditions and performance.
  • Master acting techniques which fully realize the character’s emotional truth and complexity in a range of production styles and directorial perspectives.
  • Explore the social and political climates that informed and inspired the playwright.
  • Learn historically accurate movement and styles associated with the period.
  • Apply integrative breathing techniques to strengthen and develop vocal flexibility and ease with poetic language.

You will love:

  • The opportunity to deepen your awareness of Shakespeare and his continued influence on modern writers and directors.
  • Having a reliable technique for auditioning and performing the works of this great playwright.
  • Developing and extending your Castable Types® through roles of physical and emotional depth rarely found in current scripts.
  • Taking great monologues and scenes to performance level in both classic and contemporary interpretations.
  • How a working knowledge of historical movement and integrative breathing techniques will significantly improve your on-camera and cold reading skills.
Class (10 weekly sessions)
from 587.00
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