Resumes are often the first impression you make as an actor - your initial audition. What does your resume say about you? Does it identify your Castable Types®, market your talent as well as your accomplishments? Does it have design elements that catch the eye? Is the layout professional, following the industry standard? Will casting directors and agents hang on to your resume or toss it away? No matter what your level of experience is or how many credits you have, you can create a distinctive, professional resume with my help.

I offer two ways for you to get that all important resume: using my bespoke resume creation service or, if you already possess good graphic design skills, an e-book that gives you step by step instructions for making a Castable Types® resume at home.

Bespoke Resume Creation

What you get:

  • A fresh resume emailed to you in a unique style that markets your Castable Types®.

  • Matching letterhead for cover letters, thank you notes and invoices.

  • A 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your credits and goals.

You will love:

  • Having a modern, professional, acting resume you can use with confidence.

  • One year of free updates.

  • Making the most of your credits, training and skills, to enhance your marketability.

Bespoke Resume/Letterhead Creation
Lets Do This!

The Castable Types® Resume Guidebook


What you get:

  • A downloadable .pdf guide with step by step instructions, visual examples and clear, concise explanations for creating a great Castable Types® resume at home.

You will love:

  • Knowing how to create a modern, professional, acting resume that fits your budget, in no time flat.