Acting for Film & Television


Each class focuses on your total mastery of on-camera scene work from script breakdown and character development to physical reality, comic timing and dramatic throughline so you achieve performance quality work that comes alive and shows your range. Work on fully directed film and television scenes at every class and be ready to audition at your absolute best for pilot season and upcoming productions.

Together we will:

  • Discover the two crucial elements required to be successful at on-camera auditions.
  • Master the different acting styles used in studio and independent films, sit-coms and cable dramas. 
  • Learn script analysis techniques that bring characters to life with pace, energy, nuance and authenticity.
  • Develop your physical awareness for the camera from hitting marks to working with CGI.
  • Practice working with master shots, close ups, medium shots, coverage and continuity.
  • Strengthen your sensory and emotional connections to the throughline of the story so you maintain the quality of your performance when shooting out of sequence.
  • Work in simulated shoots with directorial demands for specific artistic and technical results.

You will love:

  • Experiencing the specific artistic and on-set environments actors encounter in film and television shoots.
  • Integrating a reliable acting technique with the technical requirements of working on-camera. 
  • Deconstructing scenes from feature films and episodic television for a complete understanding of the medium from the actor’s and director’s point of view.
  • Knowing you can go to the set fully prepared to give a great performance with minimal rehearsal time.
  • Maintaining Performance Level work under professional pressure and on demanding shoots.
  • Losing fear, bad habits misguided notions about working on camera so you can relax and do great work at every shoot.
Class (10 weekly sessions)
from 587.00
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