Coaching for Kids


For Young Actors to get the attention of top agents and casting directors and book career building roles, they must be presented in a highly castable, industry-savvy light with acting skills that are authentic, natural and at a vibrant performance level.  

I’ve coached hundreds of kids, privately and through elite academy programs, adapting my Castable Types® approach and Complete Thought technique to suit the needs of Young Actors who are serious about working professionally. 

Every session is totally devoted to advancing your son or daughter’s talent and ability to audition and work in professional settings, on stage or on-camera.  Whether you child is just starting out or moving up within the industry, I will raise the quality of his or her acting and your understanding of the industry, so you both stand out from the competition.

Together we will:

  • Develop your son or daughter’s Castable Types® with insightfully chosen, fully directed audition monologues.
  • Strengthen his or her mastery of acting and audition technique for stage, film, television and commercial work. 
  • Introduce physical and sensorial involvement in characters and circumstances for more nuanced behaviors and reactions.
  • Share crucial script analysis techniques that are interesting and easy to understand for kids eight years or older.

You will love:

  • Knowing how to present your child to the industry as highly castable and ready to book paid work.
  • Seeing your child have a reliable acting technique he or she can use with ease and confidence.
  • Watching your child’s talent and creativity develop in a fun, challenging and respectful environment.
  • The progress you can make with my industry savvy career coaching for parents
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