Creative Management


If you’ve been squandering money on unfocused, repetitive classes, ineffective coaching and chasing after chances with little to show for your effort, try investing in your talent and career instead.

My Creative Management program will move you past the stumbling blocks, misguided choices and limiting beliefs that derail most performers.

If you’re new to the industry, need to jump-start a stalled career, are an Actor, Comedian, Monologuist, Multi-Genre or Originating Artist, and are ready to commit to a concentrated, integrated career plan of action to achieve your goals, I can give you the tools, knowledge and continuous support needed to do it, so you can achieve the success your talent deserves.

Each Creative Management package is tailored to the needs and goals of the individual Artist but will include:

  • Unlimited Career and Talent Coaching sessions with priority booking.
  • A personalized Career Action Plan to get you on point, focused and actively working to make what you want to achieve, a reality. 
  • Unlimited Audition Prep and Tapings for submission to casting directors and bookers.
  • Bespoke Resume and Bio creation.
  • Free access to the IndependentActor webinar, The Castable Types® Career Development Program or a copy of the book, Your Castable Types®: Understanding How The Industry Perceives Your Talent Will Maximize Your Acting Success, published by Smith & Kraus.

With a Creative Management Package, you’ll get to add your choice of one of the following:

  • Professional Demo Reel Creation.
  • Professional Voiceover Demo Reel Creation.
  • Industry Showcase.

Learn how you can move up to higher profile bookings, mount your own projects or simply kick your career into high gear before it’s too late. With my professional, experienced guidance, you can work smarter, grow your talent, gain confidence, get the attention of industry decision makers and accelerate your success at doing what you love.

Together we will:

  • Identify and develop your Castable Types® and how to best use them to open doors and book higher profile work.
  • Leverages the desirability of your Castable Types® to get the interest and attention of franchised agencies, casting directors, bookers and producers."
  • Create a career action plan with desirable, attainable goals that truly interest and excite you as a performer.
  • Design a personalized, professional library of marketing materials to sell your talent and work
  • Synergize seemingly disparate acting methodologies into a functional, reliable and successful technique.
  • Raise the quality of your acting to a professional performance level in auditions and callbacks.
  • Solidify your acting, audition, callback and on-camera technique, strengthening your ability to succeed in the casting process. 
  • Thoroughly prepare for agency interviews, pitch meetings, publicity and industry events.
  • Diversify your career and income streams by exploring new segments of the industry.
  • Connect you to industry professionals by personal introduction or through our showcases.

You will love: 

  • Unlimited Acting and Career Coaching sessions for the length of your program.
  • Priority scheduling for all your appointments.
  • Highly in-depth coaching and extensive direction on your acting through longer and more frequent work sessions. 
  • On-set coaching, direction and coordination for shoots and/or taping of reels.
  • Having an improved and updated library of marketing materials you’re proud to use.
  • Your better understanding of the industry and how to succeed in the business of acting.
  • Changing the attitudes and behaviors that squander your creative, financial, and emotional capital.
  • The support and wisdom of a professional mentor who knows your work understands your goals and looks out for your best interest.
  • Turning your personal assets into professional behaviors that make your acting dream a reality.

How this works:

  • Schedule a free consultation by phone, Skype or email.
  • At your consultation we will determine if you’re ready for this accelerated program.
  • If we agree you’re ready to make a serious commitment to advancing your acting career, you’ll select your package options, schedule your first appointment and start working toward attaining your goals.